Sex In VR Is Cheating?

vr glasses

2017 has been declared by several media as the year of augmented reality. Among the announced stars of this booming sector, sexual use was the number one field of interest why people would put on a VR headset.

Virtual Or Real, A Porous Border?

In addition to a more intense experience than a classic X movie, more original and entertaining than everyday life, because it is unknown and scripted, virtual (or augmented) reality is also sustainable.

Contrary to what one might imagine, the effects of immersion last and last outside the helmet. According to Jeremy Bailenson, director of research at Stanford University, the sensations of intimate contact continue in the real world. Since the brain does not distinguish the playstation VR film from the show, it releases the same hormones as if the scene were happening before your eyes. Obviously, apart from a suitable all-in-one suit (which exists), you will not feel any physical contact with the simple use of a helmet.

A Sexist Innovation?

Men represent at least 60% of pornography consumers (MBA Online), so X giants ignore this third of users who are women, offering them less than 10% of immersive experiences. If the video is immersive it is because all the scenes are shot in a subjective perspective, i.e. from the user’s point of view. Either, in porn, mostly man.

To make a female version, you have to film everything again, from the other point of view. And make gay and lesbian versions too, so let’s do it. Meanwhile, a gap is widening in the market. With costs 4 times higher than traditional porn movies, virtual reality will take time to install parity. Yet 50% of women in Britain say they can be seduced by the experience.

Sex In Virtual Reality Is Cheating?

If the punctual experience does not seem to be a danger for the couple, regular immersion and the feeling of presence in the act can disturb the love times, blur the marks. Why suffer your life, your wife and your morphology when you can choose everything from a catalogue?

Less negotiations, consent and kisses, more hard-core sex. The emergence of these peripheral means gives the feeling of having cheated your partner, without really having done so. Like a form of advanced masturbation. But the technology has yet to be developed and is in the embryonic stage. Imperfect but exciting, that’s something. And if you find it annoying to see your partner play without you, offer to participate. As Naughty America would say, “it’s just entertainment”!