Ubuntu For Linux

workstation-405768_960_720Ubuntu remains a popular desktop Linux, but it is clear that what Canonical actually needs would be to consolidate Ubuntu’s position as the Linux for the cloud.

Once upon a time Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux was known as the desktop Linux. It is desktop computer remains really popular and the firm is still investing in enhancing it. But, you don’t desire to look hard at the latest release, Ubuntu 16.10, to see Canonical believes its future is as the enterprise Linux for containers and the cloud.

Now, with its Canonical distribution of Kubernetes, Canonical needs Ubuntu to be typically the most popular Linux for containers.

This supplies an easy to use DevOps means to manage containers like Docker, Red Hat’s Open Container Initiative Daemon, (OCID); and CoreOS’s Rkt. Kubernetes, which started life at Google, is supported on all leading public clouds, bare metal, and the open source OpenStack cloud.

Ubuntu, while it also supports Microsoft Azure, is focusing a lot of its advancements on Canonical OpenStack. There, it deploys its LXD pure-container hypervisor. That is designed to supply high-level management and functionality for containers at scale. These “machine” containers are intended to look, feel, and operate like virtual machines (VM). This empowers firms to lift-and-shift VMs to containers with no modifications to the program or procedures.

Shuttleworth continued, “Our focus is to enable true hybrid cloud operations, and this launch further accentuates the tools and platform that most companies depend on to work effectively across all important public clouds and in one’s own data center, from bare metal to cloud container.”

In other steps forward on the cloud, Ubuntu 16.10 comprises Metal as a Service (MAAS) 2.0.

MAAS, Canonical claims, empowers a physical data center to “feel like a cloud”. How? By supplying on-demand availability of VMs with custom pictures through a web or Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interface (API). With it, you’re able to run not just Ubuntu, but many other operating systems such as for example CentOS and Windows with normal computer configurations.

Ubuntu 16.10 additionally comprises the latest release of the Juju 2.0 DevOps tool. With this it is simple to set up “big software” programs, such as Hadoop and Kubernetes. Better still, with Juju you can do this in a consistent, model-driven way across multiple public clouds and private infrastructure.

I’ve used Juju myself and it actually does make deploying sophisticated programs on a cloud easy.

Canonical additionally states that network operation is a main focus of this release, with upgraded versions of Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), OpenVSwitch (OVS), and virtualization technologies.

Ubuntu 16.10 is not all about enterprise Linux. It also comprises universal “cinch” Linux programs that combine container and packaging technology. This give programmers a single format to distribute their apps and services.

This release also previews Canonical’s device convergence vision. The Unity 8 developer preview comprises apps that scale from phone to desktop computer, from mouse to touch screen, setting a precedent for the following wave of Linux devices.

Unity 8 has been the face of the Ubuntu phone and tablet computer for a years now. In this developer preview you can see how it continues Canonical’s vision of one interface for all end-user devices.

Place it all together, and it is clear Canonical is putting the cloud first and the server second. The desktop computer is still important, but profitability will be located on the cloud, not in the PC.


Why You Need A VPN

abstract-1231889_960_720Multiple stories published here over the past few weeks have examined the tumultuous power of hacked “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices like routers, IP cameras and digital video recorders. This post looks at how crooks are using hacked IoT devices as proxies to hide their true location online as they participate in a number of other types of cybercriminal action — from frequenting subterranean newsgroups to credit card and tax refund fraud.

Lately, I discovered from a cybersecurity research worker who had created a virtual “honeypot” surroundings designed to mimic hackable IoT devices. The source, who requested to remain anonymous, said his honeypot shortly started seeing traffic destined for Asus and Linksys routers running default credentials.

My source grabbed a copy of the malware, assessed it, and discovered it had two basic functions: To announce to some Internet addresses hard-coded in the malware a registration “I’m here” beacon; and to listen for incoming commands, like scanning for new exposed hosts or running added malware. He then wrote a script to simulate the hourly “I’m here” beacons, interpret any “download” commands, and then execute the download and “run” commands.

The researcher found that the malware being pushed to his honeypot system was designed to turn his faux infected router into a “SOCKS proxy server,” basically a host designed to route traffic between a client and a server. Most frequently, SOCKS proxies are used to anonymize communications because they can help obfuscate the true source of the client which is using the SOCKS server.

  • Using a custom tool that allows the consumer to intercept (a.k.a. “guy-in the middle”) encrypted SSL traffic, the researcher was able to gather the inherent encrypted data passing through his SOCKS servers and decrypt it.
  • What he discovered was that all of the systems were being used for a number of badness, from proxying Web traffic destined for cybercrime newsgroups to testing stolen credit cards at retailer Web sites.
  • Sadly, this kind of criminal proxying is hardly new. Criminals have already been using hacked PCs to proxy their traffic for eons. KrebsOnSecurity has featured numerous stories about cybercrime services that sell access to hacked computers as a way of helping burglars anonymize their nefarious activities online.

And while the task that my source observed with his honeypot project targeted ill-secured Internet routers, there isn’t any reason the exact same type of proxying could not be done via other default option-insecure IoT devices, such as for instance Internet-based security cameras and digital video recorders.

Indeed, my guess is that this really is precisely how these other kinds of hacked IoT devices are being used right now (in addition to being pressured to participate in starting tremendous denial-of-service attacks against targets that offenders want to knock offline).

“In a way, this feels like 1995-2000 with computers,” my source told me. “Devices were getting online, antivirus was not as common, and folks didn’t understand an ordinary individual’s computer could be enslaved to do something else. The difference now is, how many vendors and devices has proliferated, and there is an underground ecosystem with the expertise to fuzz, exploit, write the custom applications. Plus, what one man does can be easily shared to some little group or to the complete world.”

More information: http://www.sipotec.net/der-vpn-dienst-pure-vpn/

British tax authority plans tracking tool of Bitcoin transactions

Those who want to maneuver their fortune in supposedly anonymous crypto form past Your Majesty’s watchful servants could soon be proven wrong. Because the British tax authorities are upgrading their Bitcoin tracking technology.

Skeptics do not say that cryptocurrencies are an effective tool for money laundering and tax evasion without any foundation. The use of Bitcoin & Co. for such purposes remains a marginal phenomenon. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the quasi-anonymous nature of many digital currencies is to some extent in line with unlawful intentions. In order not to lose out in the fight against cybercrime, the British tax authority HMRC is therefore planning to acquire a tool for tracking crypto-transactions. Suitable IT companies can apply for the project until 31 January.

The British news site PublicTechnology reported on the tender with reference to relevant documents. According to this, the royal authority wants to fill “information gaps” on the Bitcoin front with a commercially acquired product. HMRC expects, according to its own statements

providing a tool that supports information collection methods to identify and group crypto-asset transactions into linked transactions and to identify those linked to crypto-asset service providers

Providers of gambling and darknet sites targeted by investigators

As mentioned in the product description above, HMRC wants a tool that orders and groups crypto-transactions using cluster analysis. This should enable the financial flows to individual companies and organisations to be traced.

  • The authority is focusing on providers from the gambling industry who are offering all kind of casino games, Bingo and Slots for example. BTC casinos have gained a lot of customers the last few years. A list of these casinos can be found at LuckyCoiner.com for example.
  • They are also looking for operators of darknet sites. The tool is also intended to help track down crypto-criminals and similar cyber-criminals.
  • The tax investigators provide a list of currencies that can definitely be tracked with the tool. These include: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, and Ripple, Tether and Litecoin.

Besides these common crypto currencies, it would also be desirable if the tool could also track the Privacy Coins Monero, Zcash and Dash. The Authority is prepared to spend £100,000 on an annual programme licence. The contract would start on 17 February.

HMRC already put pressure on Bitcoin exchanges in the summer

Meanwhile, the UK tax authorities had already made an attempt in August 2019 to recover lost tax revenue from Bitcoin transactions. At that time, it had written to the crypto exchanges Coinbase, eToro and CEX.IX requesting them to release customer and transaction data.

Similar efforts in the fight against tax evasion have already been observed on the other side of the Atlantic. However, the US tax authority IRS chose a slightly different approach to its British sister organisation. It decided to send thousands of warning letters directly to the owners of Bitcoin and other crypto assets.

Deutsche Bank dares long-term forecast for Bitcoin & Co.

Even though 2019 was marked by clear recovery tendencies in the cryptomarket, Bitcoin & Co. have not yet been able to really make their way into everyday life this year either. Currently BTC is mostly used for trading, betting on sports (read more at https://www.bestbitcoinbetting.com/sports/) or anonymous payments. However, Germany’s largest financial house believes that this will change significantly in the next ten years.

In a study entitled “Imagine 2030”, Jim Reid, an analyst at Deutsche Bank, gave a quite surprising outlook on the development of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin in the coming decade.

Fiat system at the end?

In his report, the expert pointed out that cryptocurrencies have already presented the established Fiat system with major challenges in recent years. In about ten years – until 2030 – digital coins have the potential to provide a changing of the guard at the top and to overtake the current financial system. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple & Co. could replace fiat currencies, says Reid.

In particular, the expert pointed out that the demand for e-materialised means of payment and anonymity will lead more and more people towards crypto-currencies. Reid highlighted inflation and the rise in the price of gold since the 1970s following the end of the gold-backed monetary system.

“Crypto-currencies have so far been an addition rather than a replacement to the global monetary system,” Reid continued in the study. Despite their well-known advantages such as speed, minimal transaction fees, easy storage and relevance in the digital age, digital currencies have not yet managed to establish themselves as a means of payment. “But that could change in the future,” says the Deutsche Bank strategist.

“That the current Fiat system has survived for so long required a random series of global forces over decades that have created significant natural, compensatory, disinflationary forces,” the strategist writes in his report.

Cryptosystem still has challenges to overcome

  1. Before that, however, digital assets would still face hurdles that would have to be overcome. First, they must achieve a legitimate status in the eyes of governments and regulators.
  2. This would bring price stability and also ensure global reach in the payments market.
  3. In fact, volatility is a major reason why many consumers – and potential institutional investors – are sceptical about currencies like Bitcoin.

In order to achieve reach, service providers such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, credit card providers such as Visa and MasterCard, and merchants such as Amazon and WalMart need to be brought on board. But if these hurdles could be overcome, the future of the Fiat system would be in jeopardy, Reid believes. At the same time, however, new challenges will arise when crypto currencies enter the mainstream. In his report, the Deutsche Bank expert mentions, among other things, dependence on electricity, cyber attacks and a digital war as potential threats to a financial system based on crypto-currencies. In this case, the expert warns, “the line between crypto-currencies, financial institutions and the public and private sectors could become blurred.

Crypto does not necessarily mean Bitcoin

In a possible rise of digital currencies, however, Reid does not necessarily see the current largest crypto currency, Bitcoin, at the top. “Looking ahead to the next decade, it wouldn’t be surprising if a new and common crypto currency were to emerge unexpectedly,” he says.

Shellfire VPN: Free and secure Internet?

Shellfire wants to allow its users unlimited surfing and protect them from hackers & Co. How does the German VPN provider compare to its competitors?

Shellfire offers decent security. But that’s the least you can expect from a VPN service. Otherwise there are few arguments for the service: The speed is below average and Netflix or Apple TV do not work, check out this site for a working smart dns provider. Other providers simply offer more – and sometimes for less money.


  • Ordinary security
  • No logs
  • free copy


  • Slow
  • Unmodern Windows Client
  • No Netflix access
  • Cannot be used on several devices at the same time

See blocked content and surf safely, no matter where you are: This is what VPN services offer. They establish an encrypted connection between the user’s own server and computer, which prevents other Internet users or the provider from knowing which pages the customer is calling and which data is flowing.

“Because a free and secure Internet is our fundamental right”: With this strong slogan Shellfire praises its VPN service. The company promises to unblock blocked websites and protect users from hackers and spies so that users surf anonymously. Well, that’s what hundreds of other VPN services are committed to. We tried out how well Shellfire performs compared to other VPN providers in an extensive practical test.

Shellfire: How secure is the provider?

How Shellfire VPN protects its users, the service’s website provides few answers. One thing is clear: The proven OpenVPN protocol including AES-256 encryption (AES = Advanced Encryption Standard) is used under Windows, and is becoming more and more established among VPN services. Thanks to the open source concept, security vulnerabilities are in principle ruled out and not yet known. And there are no significant weaknesses in AES; virtually all reputable cryptologists rely on it.

Interesting: Shellfire uses the AES CBC mode (CBC = Cipher Block Chaining). This method has deficits that have already led to successful attacks. The corresponding vulnerabilities have been closed, but the encryption variant AES-GCM (GCM = Galois/Counter Mode) is considered more secure. However, it is also more expensive, which is why not all VPN providers rely on it for cost reasons. Further security features are missing with Shellfire – for example to connect several VPN servers in series, as with Surfshark, or to disguise that the user uses a VPN, as with VyprVPN.

Shellfire does not allow two opinions on the topic of storing user data. The service promises: “We don’t log any connection data. So you surf absolutely safe and anonymous! You can believe this: If VPNs from the EU say that they don’t record logs, they don’t – because if they break their promise, they pay severe penalties.

But a closer look at the privacy statement raises questions. We are talking here about “session cookies”, “Google Analytics”, “Facebook marketing services” and “Facebook social plug-ins”. With the help of such software, individual persons can be identified, at least when visiting the website. The security of VPN connections is not directly influenced by the trackers, but such a policy for a VPN service does not inspire confidence. True anonymity looks different. To top it all off, the Shellfire site lacks information on the use of trackers; in this respect, it violates the Basic Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO).

Shellfire: Speed

How’s the tempo? Relatively slow – the Shellfire servers don’t seem to be the fastest. In the best case, with VPN enabled, one sixth of the speed was left in normal operation. And that only if users have manually selected the fastest server (here Germany, Server 19, PremiumPlus). With automatic server selection, the measurements on the Speedtest website showed significantly less. This is lame even for a VPN service. Competitors such as NordVPN or Hide.Me showed considerably more speed in the tests.

Does Shellfire work with Netflix and Geoblocking?

Only a few VPN services, such as ProtonVPN, allow access to the library of US streaming giant Netflix. For series fans who always want to see the latest productions, this is an elementary point. To make a long story short: It doesn’t work with Shellfire. Even the German Netflix offshoot remains black. Under the item “Streams from the USA”, offers like abc.com or fox.com are listed – probably only a few need them. For Netflix fans Shellfire is therefore not a good choice. After all, it was not an issue to access local streaming services such as the Arte media library or the Joyn video service via German servers.

In the test, the Windows VPN client looked like a piece of software from the last millennium: pixelated, confusing – and the functionality left much to be desired. We have already mentioned that it does not automatically connect users to the fastest server. Moreover, it did not display the encryption route as promised; the corresponding box was simply inactive. Not even the server list could be sorted, for example by speed. After all: The client is easy to use, at least nothing worth mentioning could be configured. It looks better with mobile applications: On the iPhone, the Shellfire app made a much more successful impression.

How trustworthy is Shellfire?

Another point about security: Like ZenMate, Shellfire is located in Germany. And Germany belongs to the so-called “14 Eyes”. This alliance poses a risk to privacy, because: German VPN providers have to leave the data of their users to the government if it wants to do so. The information may then end up in other countries that belong to the alliance. A difficult topic. If you want to be on the safe side, choose a VPN service that is outside the “14 Eyes” network.

What does Shellfire cost?

Shellfire has only recently introduced a paid tariff. That is a little confusing, finally in the Client beside ?Free? in addition Premium and PremiumPlusservers appear. This is the legacy of the previous tariff structure, paying customers now have access to all servers. Users can choose from three price models.

The costs are quite high compared to the competition. Other services like Windscribe or Seed4.me are much cheaper. However Shellfire can be tried out free of charge for two weeks. In addition to standard payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, Giropay, instant or bank transfer, you can pay your bill anonymously by Bitcoin. In addition, there is a choice of payment methods such as Pay-per-Phone and HiPay, which are rather unknown in Germany.

Shellfire VPN under test: Conclusion

The VPN service offers solid security. In principle, however, this is the only thing that speaks for it. In terms of speed, geoblocking and operation, good providers such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN are simply ahead – and in some cases for less money.

You need these VPN apps: NordVPN and Surfshark

NordVPN or Surfshark: Which VPN is better? Which VPN service is ahead? We want to know and let the test winner NordVPN compete against the newcomer Surfshark in a direct comparison and check the current offers.

Secure VPN: Protects your identity, your data and bypasses web-blocks.

VPN service (Virtual Private Network) is already part of our basic equipment when travelling, and such a service offers many advantages even with normal PC and smartphone use. Today we want to compare the shooting star of the VPN scene Surfshark with the VPN heavyweight NordVPN. Surfshark was only founded in 2017, NordVPN has been very successful since 2012 and our current number 1 in the CHIP VPN test. Can Surfshark keep up here?

The most important reasons for using a VPN service:

  • Encrypts connections in insecure WLANs (and LANs).
    Enables anonymous surfing on the web, enables secure banking and prevents tracking. Above all, providers and advertisers do not see what they are doing on the Internet.
  • The death of net neutrality will be the rise of VPNs.
  • Can partially block advertising completely. Allows anonymous download of torrents etc. -> A throttling by the provider cannot happen because the data packets are not visible.
  • Unlocks content blocked in a country by concealing the actual whereabouts. For example, you can unlock the USA-Netflix offer with an American IP address or use HBO NOW to see the new Game of Thrones episodes. Useful also in countries where the Internet is censored. Read more at https://travelexperta.com/2019/07/let-whole-family-watch-netflix-traveling.html.

Conclusion: Duel at eye level

The VPN comparison between NordVPN and Surfshark turns out to be much more concise than one could assume in advance. The newcomer Surfshark does a lot right and has in comparison to NordVPN mainly the weaker developed infrastructure as main brake. In the countries USA, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany and United Kingdom, which are mainly relevant for German users, both services are represented.

Comparison winner: NordVPN

NordVPN is safe, fast and configurable to virtually any device. What sets it apart from Surfshark is the almost perfect server infrastructure. No matter where you want to tunnel – with more than 5,100 servers in more than 60 countries, you will hardly ever run into performance bottlenecks. If you are a normal user looking for the perfect VPN all-rounder, you cannot avoid NordVPN.

Price tip: Surfshark

In the case of Surfshark, we prefer to speak of comparison runner-up rather than comparison losers. Why? Surfshark cuts an excellent figure in the VPN market, offers all the essential features and has developed rapidly on the market. Apart from the server infrastructure and coverage, we really can’t criticize that much. In terms of price and German clients for Windows and Mac, Surfshark is even ahead. This also applies to the payment options – Surfshark also offers payment via PayPal or Amazon Pay.

Sex In VR Is Cheating?

vr glasses

2017 has been declared by several media as the year of augmented reality. Among the announced stars of this booming sector, sexual use was the number one field of interest why people would put on a VR headset.

Virtual Or Real, A Porous Border?

In addition to a more intense experience than a classic X movie, more original and entertaining than everyday life, because it is unknown and scripted, virtual (or augmented) reality is also sustainable.

Contrary to what one might imagine, the effects of immersion last and last outside the helmet. According to Jeremy Bailenson, director of research at Stanford University, the sensations of intimate contact continue in the real world. Since the brain does not distinguish the playstation VR film from the show, it releases the same hormones as if the scene were happening before your eyes. Obviously, apart from a suitable all-in-one suit (which exists), you will not feel any physical contact with the simple use of a helmet.

A Sexist Innovation?

Men represent at least 60% of pornography consumers (MBA Online), so X giants ignore this third of users who are women, offering them less than 10% of immersive experiences. If the video is immersive it is because all the scenes are shot in a subjective perspective, i.e. from the user’s point of view. Either, in porn, mostly man.

To make a female version, you have to film everything again, from the other point of view. And make gay and lesbian versions too, so let’s do it. Meanwhile, a gap is widening in the market. With costs 4 times higher than traditional porn movies, virtual reality will take time to install parity. Yet 50% of women in Britain say they can be seduced by the experience.

Sex In Virtual Reality Is Cheating?

If the punctual experience does not seem to be a danger for the couple, regular immersion and the feeling of presence in the act can disturb the love times, blur the marks. Why suffer your life, your wife and your morphology when you can choose everything from a catalogue?

Less negotiations, consent and kisses, more hard-core sex. The emergence of these peripheral means gives the feeling of having cheated your partner, without really having done so. Like a form of advanced masturbation. But the technology has yet to be developed and is in the embryonic stage. Imperfect but exciting, that’s something. And if you find it annoying to see your partner play without you, offer to participate. As Naughty America would say, “it’s just entertainment”!

Webhoster And What To Look Out For

If you are familiar with administration or know an administrator, a V-Server is probably recommended for you, because you can use it for everything. In addition to universal use, you can also operate several domains with a powerful V-Server.

Business Hosting Contract

If you only need a stable operation and a limited but secure webspace, a business hosting contract is recommended. All-inkl.com, for example, currently offers a contract with 10 domains and 250 GB storage space. Especially interesting, the server is extremely fast compared to other providers, see details at http://www.Bestwebhoster.net/.

Expert – Business Website or Webshop

With an expert solution it becomes interesting, because here the constant accessibility is of crucial importance. In addition, the server should also be extremely fast and the response/reaction time from support minimal. There are several possibilities:

Root Server

In contrast to a V server, a root server is its own hardware. This means that on a root server only your own software is guaranteed to run. If this possibility is within the budget, this is certainly to be preferred. One is not disturbed by other customers who share a server.

Business Hosting Contract

If you want hosting for your business, you should rather use VPS hosting. A few reasons can be found at this site. Depending on the application, there are also very good business contracts. An example is a very large web space or so-called managed server. Requirements are often quite different. A highly frequented web page can be hosted very fast times where, a web shop needs possibly more hardware resources and own software possibly even a computer group. In this area an individual contract (if possible) with the provider is probably recommended.

So far to the offers of hosting providers. I hope I was able to provide a short overview. In the next article I’ll show you what you have to pay attention to when choosing a hosting provider before signing a contract and where you might recognize early if the hoster really offers what it promises.

In the last article I showed what kind of webhosting requirements there are and recommended some hosting providers. For someone who has never had a website and no experience with hosters, it is relatively difficult to find a first good provider. Many hosters advertise with simple homepage creation. This is highly recommended, but the question is always: what else is there? How long is one contractually bound? In this article I would like to answer some questions and give important hints.

How good a hoster actually is, you unfortunately only know afterwards. As a layman you can often only compare prices and hardware details. Everything else you “learn” only in the course of the contract period. Especially interesting is the offer of ALL-INKL.COM – Webhosting Server Hosting Domain Provider, where you currently get all hosting contracts for 3 months for free. The hoster itself is highly recommended. My blog runs there.

Contract period

Unfortunately you can’t buy a webspace just like that. The hosting providers offer contracts to which are often bound over a longer period of time. The smaller the hosting offer, the longer is almost always the commitment. A 1-2 € per month contract is actually always bound at least one year and also to pay immediately as a whole. Also with higher-priced contracts one lures customers also very often with long contract periods and offers a reduced monthly price.

Webhosting contracts are comparable with provider contracts for the Internet or mobile phone contracts with mobile phone operators. There are many different offers and not every one is optimal for your own needs. In general, you should consider in advance what you have in mind and how long you can use such an offer.

It is annoying if you pay a cheap hosting for one year in advance and then have to realize that you need more resources. A detailed consideration and a price comparison is therefore not to be underestimated. You can save a lot of money here!


  1. The support is often very important, but in the run-up it often plays no role in the consideration.
  2. After all, you assume that you don’t need it. In fact, the support is very often an important indicator for a good hoster.
  3. It can happen very quickly that you delete something and urgently need a backup. A support response time of several days is usually catastrophic.

How To Watch WWE Outside The US?

For a long time “RAW” could only be seen on Pay-TV. But since April 2017 action fans have been able to enjoy one of the most successful wrestling shows of sports entertainment on German Free TV. ProSieben MAXX took the rights and shows sweaty matches every Wednesday.

Wrestling show with emotions

At “RAW”, action-enthusiastic spectators can watch spectacular confrontations. WWE superstars such as Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho and Golberg provide excitement: with top sporting performances, but also striking rivalries and brutal enmities, they have been thrilling viewers for years. Their goal: to win the title of WWE Universal Champion and put on the coveted belt. To achieve this, they do everything in their power to distribute dropkicks and clotheslines.

How to watch ALL WWE shows outside the US? Take a look at http://www.WatchoutsideUS.com/wwe-network/

Brock Lesnar currently holds the title of WWE Universal Champion. The 40-year-old was the youngest WWE champion in history at the age of 25. He holds a total of four titles in the WWE Championships and one of the WWE Universal Champions.

Not only the men want to prove themselves in the ring: Wresling-enthusiastic women like Bayley, Nia Jax, Dana Brooke and Co. also want to show their competitors who is the strongest on the pitch and win the WWE Raw Women’s Champion title.

New moderator team for RAW

The wrestling show has not only a new channel, but also a new team of presenters. The German edition will be moderated by WWE commentators Holger Böschen and Sebastian Hackl from Florida. They were previously in action for “SmackDown” and replace WWE veteran Carsten Schaefer.

  • “RAW” and “SmackDown” are among the most traditional entertainment brands in America,” says Sebastian Hackl.
  • “The weekly shows are TV hits and have more consequences than the “Simpsons”.
  • The fact that we are now allowed to comment on “RAW” is tantamount to a knighthood.”

Record your TV program online now!

Save.TV XXL online recorder 60 days free of charge.
His colleague Holger Böschen even calls the wrestling format “Action-Soap-Opera”, because the best sports entertainment can be seen here.
“RAW” has a long tradition

Since 1993, the wrestling show has been a big hit on American television and is broadcast live every Monday. The broadcasting station USA Network, however, decided on a temporal shift in order to be able to censor swear words and the like even before they were broadcast.

To this day, the show is one of the most successful weekly shows on US TV. Since its first broadcast, it has been broadcast from 208 different arenas, 171 different cities and eleven countries. These include the USA, Canada, South Africa and Germany. The wrestling show was even broadcast from more exotic destinations such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Japan. No miracle, because the show celebrates around the world large successes.

Will “RAW” in Germany be able to build on its success in America? ProSieben MAXX tries it out and follows every Wednesday with a new WWE episode for its action-enthusiastic viewers. Besides “RAW”, the wrestling show “Smackdown” can be seen on ProSieben MAXX on Thursdays.

If you want to stay tuned for the WWE Universal Champions or WWE Women’s Champions title, you can watch the show on ProSieben MAXX at 10:15 pm on Wednesdays. You can stream the show over the Internet with Waipu.tv or save.tv while on the move. You can also use a vpn provider, if that is more convenient for you.

The World Wide Web becomes many national networks

The world is falling apart into nation states – and the Internet is also being contained and portioned. Geoblocking is digital anti-globalization.  Six years ago, the Internet was proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s a nice idea, but it seems that people have become a little more cautious in the meantime. The Net can do a lot, perhaps even bring peace. But in the end it is a tool of humanity, and it has other plans at the moment.

Wars in the Middle East, millions of refugees, disintegrating states, ideologues and extremists, bad hairstyles in the US election campaign – the world has a few problems too many and apparently a few idealists too few. People all over the world have embarked on a trench warfare to protect their allotment gardens. If you had to invent a word for that, it might be geoblocking. There is a solution: http://www.smartDNScomparison.com/

This content is not available in your country

But geoblocking has been around for a long time, it’s an unspectacular technique that allows you to use the World Wide Web a little less world wide: “This content is not available in your country”. The sensational idea that everything can be seen and distributed by everyone at any time is not something that some powerful players on the net find sensational.

This is understandable on the one hand: Anyone who can make a business with his product anywhere in the world wants to be paid for it everywhere. So anyone who has looked at House of Cards on its parent platform Netflix so far and tricked a little for it must now throw his coins into the parking meter of the German rights holder Sky: Netflix is now serious about geoblocking.

House of Cards is part of the “Soft Power” of the USA

Trade and business is one of the great driving forces of geopolitics. The other is the power of ideas. “Soft power” is what foreign policymakers call the power of ideas or cultural persuasion of a state or a group. The soft power of the USA includes the House of Cards series, which depicts the game for power quite authentically. Now there is also certainty here: in American serial culture, business interests beat soft power.

Other players on the information market have been providing certainty for a long time – thanks to geoblocking. Authoritarian states like China don’t even try to control every single content on the net. They prefer to control the access gate right away.

But the leadership in Beijing is not alone. European nations also protect their national TV markets and networks from the entertainment and information storms of their EU neighbours, above all to avoid complicated disputes over rights and to subject the markets to national rules. The European internal market is far away – which is why the EU Commission is working on a paper to regulate geoblocking or perhaps even ban it altogether.

The net is being encircled and portioned

It gets really complicated when the gigantic circulating pumps of the global information and knowledge streams like Google discover geoblocking as a tool for asserting one’s own interests.

  1. Anyone in Germany who claims his right to forgetting and has a malicious web link deleted from the search engine’s memory will find the limits of his efforts beyond the barriers in Colmar.
  2. Forgotten is only national.
  3. In the end, the net is a mirror of global trends, an organism that breathes like the nations of the earth. And that is why it is not surprising that the retreat from globalization and the subordination to the power of the nation state are also translated on the Internet.

Soon after the last Internet idealists have ordered their Netflix subscription, the Net will continue to be contained and portioned. Whether Frank Underwood from House of Cards invented this perfidious trick remains unanswered.

Usenet Binaries & NZB files

Usenet binaries

While newsgroups were originally intended for text messages, they soon became a popular place for exchanging data (files). In order to be able to integrate them into the text-based Usenet at all, the files must be converted into so-called binaries.

  • Put simply, Usenet binaries are data. Binary newsgroups can usually be recognized by the name of the newsgroup.
  • Via the newsgroup “alt.binaries” you can find different subhierarchies. Such a (sub-)newsgroup is for example alt.binaries.sounds.

With the advent of broadband Internet, the use of binaries and binary newsgroups has become increasingly popular. Downloading Usenet binaries via newsgroups was initially much less popular than downloading via other means. This was mainly due to the fact that Usenet software was often not very user-friendly and fragmented files had to be merged later. With newsreaders getting better and better, this problem has long since been solved and the download of Usenet binaries is simple, fast and efficient.

A big advantage of the Usenet structure is its decentralized system. In this way, the download over the Usenet is secure and extremely fast. With high-quality Usenet software, everyone can now really enjoy downloading Usenet newsgroups. You get fast downloads with the highest possible connection speed. Find and compare the platforms on http://www.bestusenetprovider.net/ .

How do I find binaries?

Before you can download a binary file, you must be able to find it first. In Usenet there are two simple ways to do this.
Either by clicking through the newsgroups via a special newsreader or quite simply with a Usenet search engine.
How does the download of Usenet binaries work?

Once you have found a file, you have to open it with a newsreader. You can start the download via the download button of your newsreader.
Depending on the newsreader you have to unpack the file at the end (e.g. with the help of 7-Zip

What are NZB files?

When using the Usenet, you stumble across the term NCB again and again. However, many have only a small idea of what this might be.
Generally speaking, NZB files are files with the extension “.nzb”. You can open these files with a so-called newsreader.

  1. These NZB files contain download instructions for your newsreader.
  2. As soon as you have linked this file extension with a newsreader of your choice, these will be opened.
  3. Now you will see a new file in the reader which is ready for download.

Where can I find NZB files?

NZB files can usually be found via Usenet search engines.
These search engines are often already present in your newsreader (e.g. in the Tangysoft newsreader). Furthermore there are external Usenet search engines, which are mostly free of charge. Further alternatives are for example Usenet boards, which often also link NZB files.
More detailed information is available in our article NZB Search Engines

How do I open NZBs?

As already mentioned, NZB files are opened with your newsreader. The extension .nzb usually links your newsreader to itself during installation. If this is not the case, you can select your newsreader via “open with…”.

Which newsreader should I use to open NZBs?

At this point we usually recommend the sabNZBd client, because you can make most settings with it. A detailed tutorial can be found in our sabNZBd test report.

Please note that you also need a Usenet provider to use the newsreader. This Usenet provider must be stored in your client in order for it to work. You can find an overview of the best providers in our Usenet Provider Comparison.
Background Information

Word origin:

The Newzbin.com website introduced NZB files for the first time. NZB is therefore an abbreviation for Newzbin.

Technical information:

NZB files are implemented as XML dialects. The message ID values of all necessary contributions for a file are stored in an NZB file. In addition, the newsgroups in which these contributions were sent are named, as well as the name of the author and the date and time of sending. NZB files are created by programs that have access to newsgroups and regularly browse the new contributions to file attachments in these newsgroups.

BitPervy – Upload Porn Films and Bring In Bitcoin

This week, BitPervy (which is Not Safe For Work!), an adult-entertainment website, which empowers customers to exchange pornography for electronic money had its soft start for customers to try its bit-coin revenue-sharing program.

As with other social networking programs, BitPervys customers may make personal webpages and classified organizations, where they are able to discuss mature content. Every moment customers add and discuss articles, they are going to receive Perv factors, which afterwards may be used to to get Earnings Shares.

The Sales Shares the customers bring in are centered on BitPervys marketing revenue, which can be broken up with Coinsplit.io, a system that empowers bit-coin profitsharing and automated repayments. In this manner, consumers get a share of the websites earnings as the system increases.

On Bestbitcoinexchange you find platforms where you can buy or sell bitcoin.

BitPervy creator described in a Reddit line:

Now sales are split 50/50 between people and the website, but if you own 5% of the shares you then bring in 5% of the part of earnings distributed to people.

The revenue of your website is immediately provided for a Coinsplit consideration, and for that reason the net profits of the customers are continuous. On the other hand, the worth of its own customers shares might fall over-time thanks to expanding efforts from some other customers and improving website visitors.

Customers should notice, however, that discussing articles on BitPervy is determined by if the person who owns the stuff has consented to take action. When it’s BitPervy, a porno newsgroup, Sex.com, P-Interest or Twitter or Facebook, you have the articles proprietors permission, the creator described. I need to make sure the internet site is authorized.

When the technology is more established, there will for sure also be shared vr movies. Right now this kind of adult content can be found at vrporndownload.

Comparable to a faucet:

The concept of BitPervy was released by its own creator when he was employed by a bit-coin tap. When he understood the sink area was congested, he made a decision to start a bit-coin mature content-sharing platform having a turn. Contrary to additional adult-entertainment sites, Bitpervy wished to avoid producing dull webpages full of advertising advertisements and popups.

Certain, I am left with 50% of gross sales to include a VPS and CDN and Mandrill charges, but I am also perhaps not closed in to assuring pay-outs I may possibly not have the ability to manage, mentioned the creator. What this means is my attempts may be on reducing aside wasted bandwidth and disbursement as an alternative of attempting to make income seem that will not be potential or counting on on contributions to maintain a Tap living.

It’s become the 2nd mature articles associated Bitcoin effort/system since the start of Xotika.TV’s bit-coin effort, in which every one pays, receives and transacts completely in bit coin.

On the the next couple of days, BitPervy will carry on to redesign and repair insects or issues that users might encounter.