You need these VPN apps: NordVPN and Surfshark

NordVPN or Surfshark: Which VPN is better? Which VPN service is ahead? We want to know and let the test winner NordVPN compete against the newcomer Surfshark in a direct comparison and check the current offers.

Secure VPN: Protects your identity, your data and bypasses web-blocks.

VPN service (Virtual Private Network) is already part of our basic equipment when travelling, and such a service offers many advantages even with normal PC and smartphone use. Today we want to compare the shooting star of the VPN scene Surfshark with the VPN heavyweight NordVPN. Surfshark was only founded in 2017, NordVPN has been very successful since 2012 and our current number 1 in the CHIP VPN test. Can Surfshark keep up here?

The most important reasons for using a VPN service:

  • Encrypts connections in insecure WLANs (and LANs).
    Enables anonymous surfing on the web, enables secure banking and prevents tracking. Above all, providers and advertisers do not see what they are doing on the Internet.
  • The death of net neutrality will be the rise of VPNs.
  • Can partially block advertising completely. Allows anonymous download of torrents etc. -> A throttling by the provider cannot happen because the data packets are not visible.
  • Unlocks content blocked in a country by concealing the actual whereabouts. For example, you can unlock the USA-Netflix offer with an American IP address or use HBO NOW to see the new Game of Thrones episodes. Useful also in countries where the Internet is censored. Read more at

Conclusion: Duel at eye level

The VPN comparison between NordVPN and Surfshark turns out to be much more concise than one could assume in advance. The newcomer Surfshark does a lot right and has in comparison to NordVPN mainly the weaker developed infrastructure as main brake. In the countries USA, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany and United Kingdom, which are mainly relevant for German users, both services are represented.

Comparison winner: NordVPN

NordVPN is safe, fast and configurable to virtually any device. What sets it apart from Surfshark is the almost perfect server infrastructure. No matter where you want to tunnel – with more than 5,100 servers in more than 60 countries, you will hardly ever run into performance bottlenecks. If you are a normal user looking for the perfect VPN all-rounder, you cannot avoid NordVPN.

Price tip: Surfshark

In the case of Surfshark, we prefer to speak of comparison runner-up rather than comparison losers. Why? Surfshark cuts an excellent figure in the VPN market, offers all the essential features and has developed rapidly on the market. Apart from the server infrastructure and coverage, we really can’t criticize that much. In terms of price and German clients for Windows and Mac, Surfshark is even ahead. This also applies to the payment options – Surfshark also offers payment via PayPal or Amazon Pay.