Webhoster And What To Look Out For

If you are familiar with administration or know an administrator, a V-Server is probably recommended for you, because you can use it for everything. In addition to universal use, you can also operate several domains with a powerful V-Server.

Business Hosting Contract

If you only need a stable operation and a limited but secure webspace, a business hosting contract is recommended. All-inkl.com, for example, currently offers a contract with 10 domains and 250 GB storage space. Especially interesting, the server is extremely fast compared to other providers, see details at http://www.Bestwebhoster.net/.

Expert – Business Website or Webshop

With an expert solution it becomes interesting, because here the constant accessibility is of crucial importance. In addition, the server should also be extremely fast and the response/reaction time from support minimal. There are several possibilities:

Root Server

In contrast to a V server, a root server is its own hardware. This means that on a root server only your own software is guaranteed to run. If this possibility is within the budget, this is certainly to be preferred. One is not disturbed by other customers who share a server.

Business Hosting Contract

If you want hosting for your business, you should rather use VPS hosting. A few reasons can be found at this site. Depending on the application, there are also very good business contracts. An example is a very large web space or so-called managed server. Requirements are often quite different. A highly frequented web page can be hosted very fast times where, a web shop needs possibly more hardware resources and own software possibly even a computer group. In this area an individual contract (if possible) with the provider is probably recommended.

So far to the offers of hosting providers. I hope I was able to provide a short overview. In the next article I’ll show you what you have to pay attention to when choosing a hosting provider before signing a contract and where you might recognize early if the hoster really offers what it promises.

In the last article I showed what kind of webhosting requirements there are and recommended some hosting providers. For someone who has never had a website and no experience with hosters, it is relatively difficult to find a first good provider. Many hosters advertise with simple homepage creation. This is highly recommended, but the question is always: what else is there? How long is one contractually bound? In this article I would like to answer some questions and give important hints.

How good a hoster actually is, you unfortunately only know afterwards. As a layman you can often only compare prices and hardware details. Everything else you “learn” only in the course of the contract period. Especially interesting is the offer of ALL-INKL.COM – Webhosting Server Hosting Domain Provider, where you currently get all hosting contracts for 3 months for free. The hoster itself is highly recommended. My blog runs there.

Contract period

Unfortunately you can’t buy a webspace just like that. The hosting providers offer contracts to which are often bound over a longer period of time. The smaller the hosting offer, the longer is almost always the commitment. A 1-2 € per month contract is actually always bound at least one year and also to pay immediately as a whole. Also with higher-priced contracts one lures customers also very often with long contract periods and offers a reduced monthly price.

Webhosting contracts are comparable with provider contracts for the Internet or mobile phone contracts with mobile phone operators. There are many different offers and not every one is optimal for your own needs. In general, you should consider in advance what you have in mind and how long you can use such an offer.

It is annoying if you pay a cheap hosting for one year in advance and then have to realize that you need more resources. A detailed consideration and a price comparison is therefore not to be underestimated. You can save a lot of money here!


  1. The support is often very important, but in the run-up it often plays no role in the consideration.
  2. After all, you assume that you don’t need it. In fact, the support is very often an important indicator for a good hoster.
  3. It can happen very quickly that you delete something and urgently need a backup. A support response time of several days is usually catastrophic.