How To Watch WWE Outside The US?

For a long time “RAW” could only be seen on Pay-TV. But since April 2017 action fans have been able to enjoy one of the most successful wrestling shows of sports entertainment on German Free TV. ProSieben MAXX took the rights and shows sweaty matches every Wednesday.

Wrestling show with emotions

At “RAW”, action-enthusiastic spectators can watch spectacular confrontations. WWE superstars such as Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho and Golberg provide excitement: with top sporting performances, but also striking rivalries and brutal enmities, they have been thrilling viewers for years. Their goal: to win the title of WWE Universal Champion and put on the coveted belt. To achieve this, they do everything in their power to distribute dropkicks and clotheslines.

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Brock Lesnar currently holds the title of WWE Universal Champion. The 40-year-old was the youngest WWE champion in history at the age of 25. He holds a total of four titles in the WWE Championships and one of the WWE Universal Champions.

Not only the men want to prove themselves in the ring: Wresling-enthusiastic women like Bayley, Nia Jax, Dana Brooke and Co. also want to show their competitors who is the strongest on the pitch and win the WWE Raw Women’s Champion title.

New moderator team for RAW

The wrestling show has not only a new channel, but also a new team of presenters. The German edition will be moderated by WWE commentators Holger Böschen and Sebastian Hackl from Florida. They were previously in action for “SmackDown” and replace WWE veteran Carsten Schaefer.

  • “RAW” and “SmackDown” are among the most traditional entertainment brands in America,” says Sebastian Hackl.
  • “The weekly shows are TV hits and have more consequences than the “Simpsons”.
  • The fact that we are now allowed to comment on “RAW” is tantamount to a knighthood.”

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His colleague Holger Böschen even calls the wrestling format “Action-Soap-Opera”, because the best sports entertainment can be seen here.
“RAW” has a long tradition

Since 1993, the wrestling show has been a big hit on American television and is broadcast live every Monday. The broadcasting station USA Network, however, decided on a temporal shift in order to be able to censor swear words and the like even before they were broadcast.

To this day, the show is one of the most successful weekly shows on US TV. Since its first broadcast, it has been broadcast from 208 different arenas, 171 different cities and eleven countries. These include the USA, Canada, South Africa and Germany. The wrestling show was even broadcast from more exotic destinations such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Japan. No miracle, because the show celebrates around the world large successes.

Will “RAW” in Germany be able to build on its success in America? ProSieben MAXX tries it out and follows every Wednesday with a new WWE episode for its action-enthusiastic viewers. Besides “RAW”, the wrestling show “Smackdown” can be seen on ProSieben MAXX on Thursdays.

If you want to stay tuned for the WWE Universal Champions or WWE Women’s Champions title, you can watch the show on ProSieben MAXX at 10:15 pm on Wednesdays. You can stream the show over the Internet with or while on the move. You can also use a vpn provider, if that is more convenient for you.