You need these VPN apps: NordVPN and Surfshark

NordVPN or Surfshark: Which VPN is better? Which VPN service is ahead? We want to know and let the test winner NordVPN compete against the newcomer Surfshark in a direct comparison and check the current offers. Secure VPN: Protects your identity, your data and bypasses web-blocks. VPN service (Virtual Private Network) is already part of … Continue reading “You need these VPN apps: NordVPN and Surfshark”

Five Methods To Gain Access To UK TV In Portugal

A black cloud came over UK expats in Portugal again in January and this had been nothing related to the climate. English Television was turned off! Luckily there are manners round the issue! A satellite switch-over led to the reduction of many Language Television stations for ex-pats who’d long had the opportunity to look at … Continue reading “Five Methods To Gain Access To UK TV In Portugal”

The Chinese Online Gambling Law

Mainland China is absolutely zero-gaming. Both online and real life gambling are prohibited with equally prosecutable by fines and incarceration. This goes for both workers and customers. The state also tries to prevent residents’ access to internet casinos via the Great Firewall of China. Needless to say, the Chinese people do not always focus on … Continue reading “The Chinese Online Gambling Law”