Why You Need A VPN

abstract-1231889_960_720Multiple stories published here over the past few weeks have examined the tumultuous power of hacked “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices like routers, IP cameras and digital video recorders. This post looks at how crooks are using hacked IoT devices as proxies to hide their true location online as they participate in a number of other types of cybercriminal action — from frequenting subterranean newsgroups to credit card and tax refund fraud.

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Deutsche Bank dares long-term forecast for Bitcoin & Co.

Even though 2019 was marked by clear recovery tendencies in the cryptomarket, Bitcoin & Co. have not yet been able to really make their way into everyday life this year either. Currently BTC is mostly used for trading, betting on sports (read more at https://www.bestbitcoinbetting.com/sports/) or anonymous payments. However, Germany’s largest financial house believes that this will change significantly in the next ten years.

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The World Wide Web becomes many national networks

The world is falling apart into nation states – and the Internet is also being contained and portioned. Geoblocking is digital anti-globalization.  Six years ago, the Internet was proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s a nice idea, but it seems that people have become a little more cautious in the meantime. The Net can do a lot, perhaps even bring peace. But in the end it is a tool of humanity, and it has other plans at the moment.

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